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Jan 31 2012

Ode to Bun

Mom was at a church-lady meeting at the other day, where the biddies were discussing pros and cons of constructing a new holy building. At the end of much debate, a certain Mrs. R____ [not my mother this time], chimed in. “I say we should grab the bull by the balls and run with it.” […]

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Jan 26 2012

Not Really a Blog Posting

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I don’t know where else to put my little observations of daily life. One day I’ll write a book and I’ll need these tiny details, for a touch of veracity. This blog is no longer intended for readers. However, if you do read, you should leave feedback. It’s just not right for me to do […]

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Jan 19 2012

Poco a Poco

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Wide aisles of organic food. Slick ribbons of nighttime freeway streaked with lights of fast, silent vehicles. Tooth-brushing right from the faucet. Cold erased by the flip of a switch. Toilets that welcome paper. Re-entry is jarring. It ties my sharpened awareness of the hard life I don’t have, to a reminder of the things […]

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