Oct 15 2011

The Times, They Are a’ Changin’

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Emmy is about to move out, but her departure has been delayed by two things: that her new residence is not yet ready for her due to factors such as black mold, and that her old grandmother can’t bear to see her go.

The night before last I was about to give her a bath, but she fell suddenly asleep in my arms.

Before I could cleanse her, she crashed on my bed. It was a hot evening.

Emmy loves boxes. Yesterday she tried to climb into an index-card-sized wooden box. Only her foot obliged. Luckily, larger boxes exist.

Lulu is about to leave for Chile. Today we got to spend some time together. She’s been having serious headaches. She and Em took a nap together as I sat at their side.

You just can’t imagine how much I’ll miss them both.

In the meantime,  Yo-Nenny and Jason and I have decided they’ll stick around for yet another week, and will leave me for real next weekend. I’m grateful for the extra time I’ll have with them.  After that, call the cops. Ever since I was a wee thing, I’ve never been good at separation.

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