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Sep 24 2011

Fancy Packing

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I forgot to tell you something about my mother. She’s the one who mailed Dad’s engagement ring to me uninsured “because I didn’t like the looks of the woman at the post office.” She hadn’t wanted the agent to know something valuable was inside the box. Whenever I go East, I try to pack up […]

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Sep 23 2011

Call Me Tinna

Tinna was my imaginary friend, captured on audio tape by my father in the 1950s. “Ginna’s a good girl. Tinna’s a bad girl.” On the bus coming home from work this week, the sun knifed into the south-facing windows. A teenaged boy with a severe visual impairment sat in the row in front of me […]

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Sep 19 2011

Who’s the Pope?

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Eleni and I were just talking about religion. “Catholics and Episcopalians are very similar. The only difference is the Pope,” I told her. This is something I know. “Wait. What’s the Pope?” Eleni asked. “Is he the one who’s Catholic?”

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