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Jul 31 2011

Grow Up, Teacher!

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I wish I were more mature. Last week I had my students bring in one word that they’d heard and learned in recent days. Hans brought peephole. “Okay, now give me a sentence with peephole in it, so the others can guess what it means.” He thought for a moment, and then spoke. “I can […]

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Jul 24 2011

The Parting Glass

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I don’t have time to do literary justice to my trip to Vietnam. All I can manage are representative threads. Graves Eleni said I haven’t told you yet about the graves in rural Vietnam. All-righty, then. Let’s take care of that. In the Mekong Delta, graves sprout up in the rice paddies like massive weeds: […]

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Jul 22 2011

Pre-Intermediate Definitions

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From my vocabulary class this summer… An aunt is a small insect that bite. Duck is an animal that have a long mouse. A professor is someone who know everything you want to know. A panda is a kind of bear that has black eyeshadow.

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