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May 30 2011

High-Flyin’ Bird

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It’s taken hours, but I’ve finally figured out how to view and reformat and edit the video that the skydiving place provided of my jump. I have resisted the urge to cut out all the parts where my face is being blown off my skull like seafoam off the ocean waves. Had I done so, […]

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May 29 2011

56 and 364/365ths

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I have the two greatest daughters. They both came many miles to witness my almost-certain birthday death. It took way longer than it should have to get to the skydiving place, and for Molly it took twice the anticipated time. She arrived literally ten seconds before I had to climb the ladder to the plane. […]

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May 28 2011

Name That Rat

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A sprained ankle hadn’t been among my birthday wishes, but my subsequent attempt to document its aesthetics has been a rewarding challenge. If it hadn’t been for Bully-Stick, I don’t know how I would have survived the most acute back pain I’ve had in years. In other respects, things are unfurling as I’d tentatively planned. […]

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