Mar 06 2011

Return of the Key

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They say you can’t lose something you never had, but that’s not true. You can, and part of yourself along with it.

One of my students wore a t-shirt that said, I was a rebel in the 00s.

Yesterday my landlady had a (one-sided) conversation with her dog: Do you want to go out? Do you? Do you want to go potty? Well, come on then. Lucie. Let’s go! If you want to go potty, I’m willing to take you, but only if you go right now. Did you hear what I said? Lucie!

Then she put the dog outside, went out for the evening and the damned hound barked nonstop just outside my window for so long that I resorted to sleeping pills.

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  1. Eleni says:

    That’ll teach the dog to go outside to pee!

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