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Mar 30 2011

Doctor, Dear Doctor

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“Here’s to you, doctor.” That’s what I heard on my radio as I drove home from work yesterday. Oh, shut up about doctors, I yelled at the speakers. But they didn’t listen. You wouldn’t believe what the syrup-voiced woman said next. “You fix broken bones. You mend broken hearts.” I shrieked. There is no doubt […]

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Mar 23 2011

Aqua Gal

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When Emmy was just a baby, I was (thanks to Jason & Eleni) the one who gave her baths, as you’ll recall from October-ish/November-ish posts. Yesterday, for the first time in many weeks (on account of my move to Davis) it was time for her and me to take a bath once again. She took […]

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Mar 16 2011

National Character

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I’m starting to get a lot of Facebook “friend” invitations that look like this: The only way I can find out who it is, is to accept the invitation. Then I get to see the Roman alphabet spelling. I read an interesting AP article about the typical Japanese response to their current disaster: …[S]urvivors search […]

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