Feb 26 2011

On the Road Again

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I’ve been looking around the Internet for cool stuff for my U.S. Society & Culture class. Thinking of Teejie, I downloaded this wonderful photo:

And thinking of Banana, I grabbed this beauty, an old one of Gee’s Bend:

Let’s come back to the present, a skill I lack, spending most of my time on either side of now. Like last night. I went to bed at a ridiculously early hour, lacking desire to be awake. Five hours later I was still thrashing, obsessing about a loop of painful things I can’t do anything about.

Today I gave written notice to my landlord here in Davis, after only six weeks of renting. Though I’d forewarned him it might go like this, I expect he won’t be happy. Today I reserved yet another ten-foot truck to take all my shite back where it was in January.

To people who scorn babies, I say: don’t look further. Beyond this point lies documentation of my weekly Emmy visit.

There was a lot of organic-sheep-skin-rug time.

And then there was rest.

Her peaceful rest ended when Eleni burst out laughing upon hearing Jason, in the next room, burp the word “Tupperware.”


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  1. Dena says:

    I can’t stand it she’s so gorgeous. God. She looks wise.

    I’ve been meaning to call you for weeks. But I always want to wait until the end of the day and then I poop out. But I will call you soon, promise.


  2. Ginna says:

    My Dena,

    Ain’t she just the best? She’s mine. All mine.

    Oh, wait a minute…

    I miss you and still adore you as much as I did the moment we parted. I’ve been absurdly busy too. We’ll talk when things calm down. In the meantime, thanks for coming to this silly blog.

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