Oct 26 2010

Halloween Approaching

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If you haven’t heard the Halloween documentary I produced with an infant Molly draped over my arm, here’s another opportunity.

I just checked Soundprint’s Web site. They were the ones who originally aired the program twenty years ago. Lo and behold, they’ve currently got it featured on their home page. And here’s something interesting: in the credits for my Valentine’s Day program, it says: “With special thanks to Jay Allison.” Hmmm. As far as I know, he’s never even heard the show.

Anyway, here’s this program description I found lying around somewhere:

A jaunt through the magical and eerie Halloween season…

The Time Between is the Halloween episode of A Gathering of Days: An American Holiday Sampler, produced in the late 1980s/early 1990s with a grant from CPB. In the show we experience autumn and its traditions. There’s a Wicca spiral dance, a Day of the Dead ceremony, and an array of Halloween rituals: costumes, trick-or-treating, ghost stories, “mischief night,” graveyards and haunted houses. Threading through the stories is the deeper meaning of the turning of the season and our universal need to mark it. The series was co-produced by Ginna Allison and Adi Gevins, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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  1. Eleni says:

    I’m listening now…
    Soundprint doesn’t offer up much info and I want to know: who are all those people, off the top of your head?
    This was always one of my favorites.

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