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Oct 26 2010

Halloween Approaching

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If you haven’t heard the Halloween documentary I produced with an infant Molly draped over my arm, here’s another opportunity. I just checked Soundprint’s Web site. They were the ones who originally aired the program twenty years ago. Lo and behold, they’ve currently got it featured on their home page. And here’s something interesting: in […]

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Oct 25 2010

Old Life, New Life

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Sacramento and home, alternately happy and despairing, content and confused, confident and insecure. I’m on the latter side of all those now. How about I just show you a few pix from the last ten days?

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Oct 13 2010

She’s Got Rhythm

I forgot to mention one thing about the birth of Emmy. The staff monitored her heart throughout labor, so the amplified beat provided a steady backdrop to the hours and hours of waiting. It was the one constant as we went from giddy to punchy to exhausted to emotional. Toward the end, as I stood […]

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