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Sep 27 2010

Master of All I Survey

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Well, I can’t see how it could have gone any other way, considering how hard I’ve worked, but life can be cruel and nothing is certain. So I was pleased when I received this e-mail from a professor at SIT, my reader for my master’s portfolio. Hi Ginna: I’ve read and approved your portfolio.  Well […]

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Sep 24 2010

Svapna Trouble

Well, now, let’s see. I’m tired of applying for jobs: sending heartfelt pleas to invisible strangers. It’s no more productive than firing a rifle into moonless night. Dozens of missives and nary a reply. What for? to quote my dear friend MB who gave me the best tea and hot bath the other night, before […]

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Sep 17 2010

You Can’t Go Home Again

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It is awfully strange to be back in the Bay Area. I feel like a caged beast, or maybe a bolt of lightning that can’t find a ground. I don’t want to be here but there’s no place else I want to be. I’m not doing anything worthy. I expect soon to start teaching English […]

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