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May 15 2010

This Week’s Quotations

“I live by the belief that there are only about 400 real people in the world and the rest are all bad special effects.” —Dan [In response to my referring to myself as an overworking eedjit: “‘Eedjits’ are the ones who make dreams happen!” —My professor “Life is a series of awkward moments.” —Rosie “This […]

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May 08 2010

A Post for My Classmates

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Guys, I’ve selected and retouched photos of all of you. Below are those we plan to use in our Sandanona program to accompany the description of your presentation. If any of you has an objection, e-mail me by 5:00 this Monday (the 10th), and we won’t include a picture. We’ll be using other photos, too […]

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