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Apr 14 2010

You Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Groundhog

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Don’t you hate when you’re trying to summon a word and all you can remember is its ending? Makes it hard to look up. “It’s something –ity.” I wonder if there exists a word reference for people with backwards brains like mine. I love this picture so much that I’m naming an entire post after […]

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Apr 13 2010

My Life in Venn

Today out in my yard I saw a scarlet cardinal sunbathing atop a mass of golden forsythia near a swath of new, emerald grass. It would have been an even more interesting sight had the bird been reclining on its feathery back, wearing shades and sipping a Mai Tai. But this is the Northeast, where […]

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Apr 12 2010

Saying from Mexico

“Donde fuego hubo, cenizas quedan.” [Where there was fire, ashes remain.]

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