Mar 19 2010

Odd Poem Exercise

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Today in our intercultural yadda yadda class, we were instructed to fill in a form answering abstract questions about our history and then plunk selected answers strategically into spaces in partially completed sentences drawn from a poem by George Ella Lyon. I won’t read my result in class, but here it is for you:

I am from the chalkboard in the kitchen,
From eleven pet mice and penny candy.
I am from the spider room, with mold and photographs.
I am from the cave, lightless, dangerous, magical.
I am from nights around the microphone.
I am from stubbornness,
From Dad and Small,
Loyal and honest.
I’m from “you look so ugly when you’re mad” and
“Rely on that characteristic Ginna resolve.”
I’m from squirming on the pew
In boredom and fear, waiting for my Life Savers.
I’m from Delaware,
Tuna fish and filet mignon.
I’m from 7-year-old dad at boarding school, desperately homesick
And from Mom, adopted at seven days.
The trunks and volumes and musty boxes
In basements from California to West Virginia
Prove that I have lived
And where I’m from.

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  1. Bulwinkle says:

    Nice poem. Prove that I have lived. Thats good.

  2. M says:

    I like this. Very much. If I had more walls, I’d print it out and hang it on one.

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