Mar 19 2010

My Objectives

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Michael Parenti, writing in The Culture Struggle about journalist Gary Webb who was condemned by his peers for reporting too accurately, says:

“[His] real mistake was not that he wrote falsehoods but that he went too far into the truth.”

Last night my friend Milt pointed out, with alarming accuracy, that I have been naïve during my time here at SIT. It’s true. I hadn’t noticed how my idealism and open-mindedness had overshadowed my wisdom. Now my primary objective is to finish here as quickly and painlessly as possible. I’m grateful for my classmates.

Today I gave a presentation to my 35 or so peers and faculty, about my trip to México. It was lively, avoiding the dark. People seemed to like it.

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  1. Bulwinkle says:

    Parenti is a Communist and conspiracy theorist!! all God Fearing Americans, of which I, of course, include myself, twice, should be glad…. I forget the rest. Oh well. That is my comment. Hail to the chief(tan).

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