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Mar 22 2010

Closed Boxes

I continue to suffer the aftershocks of my truth-telling. Well, I call it truth-telling but some others seem to disagree. All I know for sure is that I don’t want to say another honest thing in my life. Likely I will, but not at this place. Each school day I get through, I put an […]

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Mar 19 2010

Odd Poem Exercise

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Today in our intercultural yadda yadda class, we were instructed to fill in a form answering abstract questions about our history and then plunk selected answers strategically into spaces in partially completed sentences drawn from a poem by George Ella Lyon. I won’t read my result in class, but here it is for you: I […]

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Mar 19 2010

My Objectives

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Michael Parenti, writing in The Culture Struggle about journalist Gary Webb who was condemned by his peers for reporting too accurately, says: “[His] real mistake was not that he wrote falsehoods but that he went too far into the truth.” Last night my friend Milt pointed out, with alarming accuracy, that I have been naïve […]

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