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Jan 29 2010

Stranger in a Strange Land

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Here’s a video of my teacher of my Spanish class for extranjeros. I understand most of what she says, but I can hardly produce a word myself: inconvenient when lost. Get the Flash Player to see this content. Here are two drawings done by two of my young students of their favorite deportes. I totally […]

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Jan 28 2010

Other People’s Business

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I’m busy trying to write lesson plans for restive 8-year-olds and rebellious, judgmental teenagers. Soon I go to my fourth intensive Spanish class, for which I just finished homework: an article about how embarrassing it is to learn another language. I can’t speak Spanish but I’m starting to speak English with a Mexican accent. When […]

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Jan 27 2010


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With my eight hours of experience, this is what I like about teaching: Being able to tell people what to do To be able to say, “Your homework is…” To have children call me “Maestra,” “Teacher” or “Miss” Having people ask me if they can go to the bathroom When someone says, “Class is over […]

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