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Dec 30 2009

The Wonderful Story of Me*

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*Source: TJ Since I hit the road last week, every night I’ve been waking up confused in the dark: Where am I? Who am I? Whose bed is this? Why am I not in my own bed? Where’s the bathroom? Over the past days I’ve been amazed at how nasty and grumpy people have been. […]

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Dec 30 2009

Mixed Emotions

Mom (now officially called “Small”) is so organized, she frightens me. She alphabetizes her spices. She writes down everything she’s cooking for dinner each night, along with the time it goes into the oven and at what temperature, and the time it gets whisked out. Opening the icebox door, she showed me a casserole (“That […]

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Dec 27 2009

Silver Bullets

You know how you wake up with a phrase running through your mind for no apparent reason? Stuck in my preconscious brain today was the following: “It’s no silver bullet!” It got me to wondering: what is a silver bullet? If you find one, what do you do with it? Hold it in your hand? […]

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