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Sep 20 2009

The Joy of Soapstone

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Last night I read about a hike scheduled for today to a now defunct soapstone quarry on Bear Mountain. I love soapstone. Dad always had it around and made cool things with it: lamps mostly, and an elaborate tunneled mountain about 18 inches tall for my brother’s snakes to crawl in. Whenever one of my […]

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Sep 19 2009

Turkish Delight

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You won’t think this is funny, but I still can’t stop laughing. A few days ago during class someone’s cell phone starting ringing. The woman next to me — the lovely and shy Natalia from Russia — blushed, grabbed her purse and ran out the door. While she was outside digging frantically through her purse, […]

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Sep 17 2009

My Friend the Fruitfly: A Cautionary Tale

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“In Saussure’s theory, this was achieved through two epistemological strategies: by separating the diachronic from the synchronic perspective of analysis, positing them as orthogonal dimensions, and privileging synchronic analysis as the primary perspective of linguistic study…” If you know what that means and can tell me before I leave for school in a few minutes, […]

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