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Aug 31 2009

Miles To Go Before I Unpack

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Dear Anna took me to the Oakland Airport on Wednesday morning. I couldn’t bear to watch her walk away. What a stalwart friend. Trip to Philadelphia was easy. I took a sleeping pill, slumped my way to our stopover in Phoenix, took another sleeping pill and snored my way — bandanna over face as always […]

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Aug 30 2009

The Goodbye Girl

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The final countdown, with fare-thee-wells flying like dandruff: On the 22nd I spent the day and night with someone important to me, and during our goodbye I was wounded by how casual and final his farewell seemed. Goodbye #1. Bad start: broken heart. Next day I had a visit with TJ and Richard (goodbyes 2 […]

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Aug 25 2009

There’s No Place Like Home

“It’s so weird that there are some people that aren’t from Oakland.” — Eleni

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