Sep 29 2008

If an Owl Hoots in the Woods

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I just don’t know why I do things like spend two-and-a-half hours editing little videos while bills and lists and obligations and tasks are, as one, breathing down the back of my neck.

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One Response to “If an Owl Hoots in the Woods”

  1. Syd says:

    wa-ooh, wah-ooh, wah-ooh, ooh, ooh! Pore little owlies got all skeered, Ahm a-thinkin’! That “ribbon” looks like what we Mt.-folk call flagging–could be used to mark a trail, timber harvest, monitoring site, etc.

    I wonder if you’ve ever heard a fox “cough”? It’s a night sound we’ve been hearing more frequently as of late–always (almost) at night, and I KNOW it’s a fox barking, but it really sounds like he’s had way too many stogies, and is hackin’ his very lungs out!

    See if T-JAY can call one of those wily creatures out!

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