Jul 17 2008

Tangled Up In Blue

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Hi, friends. Sorry I haven’t written for a long time. I’ve become increasingly aware of how boring this blog is.

However, newly returned this afternoon from a short backpacking trip to the Trinity Alps, I will succumb to the desire to show-and-tell. Actually, I don’t feel like writing so I’ll put this up in the form of a gallery with plain old captions. I’ve edited the photos down from 400-plus to 36 images.

As you probably remember: click on a thumbnail to see a medium-sized view. When the medium-sized view is visible, click on its white link below to see the big picture.

Note: Before we left for our trip, a ranger told me that the fires and air quality weren’t a major problem where we planned to visit. But by the time we arrived, the south road into the wilderness had been closed. We took a three-hour detour and dropped in from Callahan. You’ll see from the photos that there was a lot of haze but, except for some stretches when the wind changed and our eyes and throats burned, it wasn’t bad.

Another note: All the photos of me are thanks to Jill.

Next entry after this: three videos from the trip.

Okay, here ya go — pictures of Tangle Blue Lake and environs.

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  1. Eleni says:

    I got a call from our fancy-schmancy “close firefighter friend” not an hour after you were due to leave. He’d just gotten back from, you know, fightin’ fires, and his first words were a breathless “she really shouldn’t come out here. Please. It’s hot as hell. People are dying and shit.” I’m glad you didn’t.

  2. Robert says:

    Hello, I am planning a backpacking trip to Tangle Blue Lake at the end of June. What week did you go last year. How was the dirt road in to the southern trail head. Any advice?

    Enjoyed your pictures,

  3. Ginna says:

    Hi Robert. Glad you enjoyed the pix. Late June could be a great time to be there, or it could be under a little snow still. The ranger station people were my best resource when checking on weather, insects and the horrible fires that surrounded us the whole time. It’s an easy hike and very pretty. I strongly advise that you go on a weekday. I hear the weekends are jammed. The road is good. My low-slung car had no trouble with it. You just have to dodge a few rocks and potholes.


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