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Jun 24 2008

Highstep through the Haze: Scenes from Adulthood

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So… let’s take a break from putting up my old childhood programs and return to the present. Man, is it smoky here in northern California. Yesterday, Anna, Lulu and I hiked on Mt. Diablo, marveling at the absence of other hikers and at our inability to see clearly from ridge to ridge because of the […]

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Jun 21 2008

Bruise Advisory

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My father had a little game he made up called “Pushy Bruise.” As you might have surmised, it went like this: he’d poke a finger sharply into your injury and gleefully shout, “Pushy-bruise, pushy-BRUISE!” This is Lulu playing it with me: And here is my latest little matched set of climbing artifacts: Not to be […]

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Jun 19 2008

Private Dancers

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I’m a little more embarrassed than usual about writing here because my old boyfriend, after voting in my photo poll, said he might come back and read some of my other posts. My beloved regular readers already know how vacuous I am, but he might not have noticed yet. Oh well. I guess it had […]

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