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Mar 17 2008

Wormlips Does Hollywood

A while back Brian asked me to perform at a Pacifica Radio Archives fundraiser on St. Paddy’s Day. I didn’t want to. He insisted. I haven’t danced since one broken foot and one screwed-up Achilles tendon ago. Plus, I’m not very good. I wish I was. And I wish I liked dancing in front of […]

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Mar 16 2008

A Girl and Her Treadmill

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I couldn’t bear the thought of paying an extra $100 to have my new treadmill brought from the driveway into my house. “I can do it myself,” I thought. Then I saw the eight-foot-tall box and what was written on it: 280 pounds. The next day Mark came to the rescue, bringing over two of […]

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Mar 15 2008

Psychic Vibrations

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Yesterday I was talking on the phone to the executive director of an organization for which I do a lot of work. She said something remarkably perceptive about something she couldn’t have known. Amazed, I said, “Wow, you must be psychotic.” To make matters worse, I went out of control laughing and couldn’t stop. Maybe […]

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