Mar 31 2008

What For?

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Mark has this thing that he says, and he’s been saying it for at least thirty years but I never noticed till a few days ago. Maybe, for example, he’ll be thinking about the body of art he’s created over his lifetime — tens of thousands of prints and steel sculptures and ceramic objects — and then his eyes will suddenly squint into this look of bewilderment as he asks “What FOR?”

The eternal question.

Whatever the answer, here are two pictures he recently e-mailed me. One is a portrait, “a polychrome 2 ft. diameter relief sheet metal and rebar sculpture of the artist Ginna Allison.” He’s transformed it into a CD label for a recent commission.

And here is Stella, who has an obsession with trying to lick Mark all over whenever he comes by, resulting in a visit punctuated with my shrill shrieks of “Stella, STOP it!”

You should see all the amazing stuff Bulwinkle does. In fact, you can. Have fun.

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