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Mar 31 2008

What For?

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Mark has this thing that he says, and he’s been saying it for at least thirty years but I never noticed till a few days ago. Maybe, for example, he’ll be thinking about the body of art he’s created over his lifetime — tens of thousands of prints and steel sculptures and ceramic objects — […]

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Mar 23 2008

Kate Letters: Winter 98–99

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By popular demand, I herewith present you with heretofore unposted letters from my sister. “I like your writing,” one anonymous person (Oleg) said to me, “but your sister — now, she’s funny!” Don’t for one minute think I’m happy about this. This puts a crimp in my assertion that this blog should be all about […]

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Mar 20 2008

Fried Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar Banana Wraps with Chocolate

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Quote of the Day Yes, Ezra. You’re tripoding, and Mommy’s very proud of you. When you don’t see friends for a long time, sometimes they have entire babies when your back is turned. That’s what Lisa and Kevin did. Here they are, with their almost-two-year-old son, Ezra. They arrived at my house bearing ingredients for […]

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