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Jan 31 2008

Day Tours, Night Tours

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I woke up to wait for my wake-up call, but it never came. The guidebooks are right about Costa Rican food: rice and beans todo el tiempo. To quote Utah Phillips: good, though. It’s hard to practice Spanish here. In Guatemala they patiently let you bumble along (even though, more often than not, they speak […]

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Jan 30 2008

Careening Toward Costa Rica

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I packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked and packed my backpack in anxious preparation for my jungle trek. In a brief online chat just before I left, Lulu said farewell with a request: “Don’t die.” I can no longer deny the truth: I’m completely scatterbrained, and I’m getting worse. No matter how hard I […]

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Jan 29 2008

The Haunted Café

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It’s very cold here each morning and there’s no heat, so people bundle up early and shed in the usually hot afternoons. I saw little of photographic interest during my miles of walking. In fact, it’s kind of restful to have been here long enough that I’m not quite so visually and mentally over-stimulated all […]

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