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Dec 28 2007

Agua Blanca en Costa Rica

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Iron supplements are sure hard on a gal’s system, it seems. I’ve had to stay close to bed the last two days. Boring and frustrating. Whatever, so long as I’m back to my glorious self in two weeks when I leave for Guatemala. When I first told Yo-Nenny about my idea for this trip she […]

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Dec 28 2007

Two Sweeping Statements & One Confused Cliché

Last week Mom told me about a wealthy old lady of her childhood acquaintance, who had all the possessions she could possibly want but continued to desire one thing: I collect sweeping statements. They don’t take up any storage room. They don’t have to be dusted or polished. I can take them out to look […]

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Dec 27 2007

Spider Wars

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From a distance I thought the blob on the wall by the icebox was a spider. “Lulu! Come here QUICKLY!” Lulu strolled in several minutes later. Investigating what I was pointing at, she saw only opportunity. She rolled up a newspaper and let out a squeal as she swatted at the spot. Which of course […]

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