Dec 27 2007

Spider Wars

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From a distance I thought the blob on the wall by the icebox was a spider. “Lulu! Come here QUICKLY!”

Lulu strolled in several minutes later. Investigating what I was pointing at, she saw only opportunity. She rolled up a newspaper and let out a squeal as she swatted at the spot. Which of course was only a chip in the paint and not a spider at all. As if she hadn’t done enough damage already, she vanished momentarily and returned with a pen, embellishing the area so it will continue to alarm me every time I walk by.

Well, two can play at that. I just wadded together some raisins, shoved eight twisty-ties through them and stuck my creation on her pillow. It gives a good effect, which low light will enhance. She hasn’t seen it yet.

I’d like to think revenge will be mine but I know better. I’d bet my own blog that something bigger and nastier will have appeared in my bed by daybreak.

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