Dec 23 2007

La Llorona

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I wonder how many raisins I have to eat to get my iron levels back to normal.

Here’s a program I produced about twenty years ago. La Llorona — the crying woman — is the Mexican equivalent of the bogeyman in the US: a great story and an effective behavior modification tool.

The show aired on NPR’s All Things Considered. I suspect that listeners wondered about the mental stability of the producer. In fact, I was going through a divorce and my sanity was in shreds. Doing radio was such a great way to vent madness.

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4 Responses to “La Llorona”

  1. Siviwe says:

    wow, what a great piece. Well done! Next time I shall ensure I do not listen to this in the middle of the night!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who said, “La Llorona was produced by Ginna Allison” in such a husky, creepy voice? I hope you’ll say it was you, and that you modified your voice.

    That was fun to listen to. And bone chilling. Please let’s go to Mexico!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was Dena

  4. Ginna says:

    Siviwe: How wonderful that you listened to this. Thanks. How are you, my friend? How is life in Cape Town. I still want to meet your children. Is Zukiswa old enough to come visit me yet?

    Dena: My wee angel. You want to know something strange: I was thinking about you the moment the email with your post came in. Woooooooh. Yeah, I’ll go to Mexico with you. Wouldn’t that be the coolest?! I’m trying to study Spanish yet again, partly to talk to people here and partly because of the places I want to go.

    xoxo to both of you.

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