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Dec 04 2007

Doctors & Religion

The instant-messages that fly between Lulu and me are always scintillating and, as you can see, sometimes even touching: Yo-Nenny — I keep telling you: if you want me to write about you too, you have to come over so I have something to say. Okay? Honestly: daughters! I spoke with one of my doctors […]

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Dec 04 2007

Malapropisms & More: An Introduction

Like many people, I collect words. Malapropisms, mixed metaphors, Freudian slips and spoonerisms are the mainstay of my collection, but there’s much more. People who read more than they listen, like my first ex-husband, are a great source of creative pronunciation and verbal hybrids. He once went on about his friend who’d had her driver’s […]

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Dec 04 2007

Video Test of Stella the Dog

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