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Nov 26 2007

The Green Hedgehog

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I’m at the Rancho visiting Teej & R this weekend. Forgot to pack the knitting needles I needed for finishing Katie’s birthday present. Luckily, TJ thought to dig out a couple of old wooden skewers which, once whittled and sanded, became double-pointed needles extraordinaire. En route to discovering the perfect pattern for this project, I […]

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Nov 24 2007

Letters from Katie: An Introduction

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She tried to drown me once. Not long after, she poured a half-gallon of lemonade over my head just because I tried to poke her eye out with a pencil. With those round, brown cow eyes of hers she’d look straight at Mom and Dad, pure innocence, and flat-out lie to get me in trouble. […]

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Nov 12 2007

As the World Turns

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Today the 30-something driver of the #18 Oakland-to-Richmond bus said affectionately, “Goodbye, Mom” when I disembarked. Yesterday the checkout clerk at Andronico’s — who had ten years on me, easy — was talking about some artifact from the late forties/early fifties, which happens to be before I was born. “Ahhh, the good old days, huh?” […]

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