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Oct 29 2007

This One’s for You, Syd

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I spent most of today lying around, atoning for yesterday’s sins. (I don’t think I was supposed to walk eight blocks in my cast.) Of all the people who might have called me last week, FH was the last I’d expect. She’d helped take care of my grandmother during those final years. I always admired […]

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Oct 23 2007

Nepal or Not Nepal

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Cheryl & I just Skyped. It appears we’ve had a miscommunication — a friendly one. She’s had a long-term plan to trek with another friend this spring. I could swear I remember her saying that, because of this, spring is not an option for my visit. She thought she’d told me that she can shuffle […]

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Oct 23 2007

This Cast Was Made for Walking (and that’s just what I’ll do)

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Since purple wasn’t available, I chose (on Eleni’s recommendation) a tasteful black. It doesn’t go with everything as well as purple does, but maybe I’ll add designs to make it more practical. The cortisone shots weren’t bad. It’s this I could have done without: Doc: “Remember I said we’d keep you in the cast for […]

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