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Jun 29 2007

Nepal: A Guide to the Art and Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley (Book)

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Most of the Nepal books I’ve read begin with a digestible dose of history: ancient rule, geographical regions, ethnic groups, social order, religion. I think this book’s version is more insightful, original and politically sensitive than the others. That’s followed by a chapter on Kathmandu’s architecture. Lots of people travel around the world specifically to […]

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Jun 29 2007

Bibliographical & Other Resources

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River Rafting Company Recommended by our Momentum Adventures guide on the Upper Klamath trip: South Asia Bibliographies: Nepal A comprehensive listing compiled by UC Berkeley and subcategorized by academic area and media type. Encylopedia Smithsonian: South Asian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern Art and Architecture Another cool bibliography. Human Rights Watch Publications: […]

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Jun 29 2007

Everest: The Death Zone (Movie)

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My thoughts… I really liked this Nova documentary. It explores the physiological effects of oxygen deprivation at high altitude, and particularly the effect on brain and lungs. It’s interesting from a scientific perspective, and I thought the underlying story of the climbers’ journey was equally riveting. Jody Foster is the narrator. I love her no-nonsense […]

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