Feb 12 2007

Pup 20: Sissy

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January 30–31, 2007

There’s a risk in taking your out-of-town guests to visit all the cute little puppies and kitties at Milo. Before Karen, Jane and I could slip out unnoticed, the Milo people asked if I could give Sissy an urgently needed overnight home. What could I say?

Karen and Jane were remarkably tolerant of this little habit of mine. In fact, Jane (who’s nine) suggested we bring home the two puppies, but I decided that option wasn’t an option.

I took a nap with a dog for a blanket while Karen and Jane made my dinner.

I am a very gracious hostess.

Karen is knowledgeable in the ways of Golden Retrievers. “Be careful about leaving things on the floor,” she said. Five minutes later, here came Sissy with a tie-dyed sock draped from her lips.

A while later, when I found Sissy with head thrust deep into the kitchen trash, Karen said, “Yeah, that’s a Golden thing. That, and watch out for the cat poop.”

Karen said, “Are you sure you want to let Sissy up on the sofa with that stick?”

Golden Retrievers are fine in the evening when everyone’s lying around sleepily in front of the woodstove, but 70 pounds of enthusiasm in the morning before coffee is more than I can handle. Sissy was wagging things over, left and right, as I hauled her out the door and back to Milo.

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