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Jan 24 2007

Pup 19: Birdie

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January 22–23, 2007 I love this dog. He loves me. He’s my favorite foster dog ever. I don’t want to give him back. Many people are lined up to adopt him once he recovers from his operation. However, I’m thinking about the legal advantages of possession. January 24–26 I’m miserable. Every day I love this […]

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Jan 24 2007

Pup 18: Bella

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December 19–23, 2006 [I think] I had to get up in the night with three-month-old Bella, but aside from that she was thoroughly acceptable. I brought her home because all her siblings had been adopted and she was alone and mournful. She was inexcusably cute:

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Jan 03 2007

My Daddy the Gentleman Farmer

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Artist: Peter A. Occupation: My Daddy the Gentleman Farmer Gender: Male Age: 77 Date: June 28, 2002 Location: Greenbrier Country, WV

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