Dec 08 2006

Pup 17: Cha-Cha Charlie

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December 3–6, 2006

This dog’s given name, “Cha-Cha Charlie,” is beneath my dignity. I call him “Dog.”

Dog is what they call a “puggle.” Designer dogs — hybrids of papered breeds — are a big deal these days: cockapoos and labradoodles and shepradors, bogles and beabulls and bockers and basstons. I’m not kidding.

Dog, as you might imagine, is half pug, half beagle.

At three-and-a-half-months old, Dog is small enough that his head can fit into Stella’s mouth. I know this for a fact.

Out in the open yard, Stella definitely had the upper “hand,” but in smaller enclosures it’s Dog who seizes control by humping Stella. It’s not very effective, though, due to the discrepancy in their relative elevations.

M was unusually fond of this dog until he peed on her bed.

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