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May 18 2006

Pup 12: Sabrina [Now Stella]

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May 18, 2006 Last night I got an e-mail from Milo’s director, Lynne: Sabrina and a small Dalmation and her pup need a ride to (Berkeley) TOMORrow!? THE SHELTER WOULD NOT HOLD THEM … iT IS A COUPLKE HOURS FROM HERE . . . WE CAN PROVIDE GAS MONEY, CRATES …. PLEAAASE LET ME KNOW […]

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May 13 2006

Pups 10 & 11: Babies

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May 13, 2006: Mothers’ Day On this solitary Mothers’ Day, I walked up the street to the pet rescue place to see if someone canine needed short-term, low-level mothering. After my day with Alex I vowed never to foster another puppy, so today, instead, I came home with two. Actually, my first thought had been […]

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May 05 2006

Pups 7, 8 & 9: One-Night Stands

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Joey weighed about 800 pounds and had a sweet, melancholy personality: Scruff was three months old, had eyes like my nephew’s, and was the mellowest puppy I’ve ever met: Alex was every bit as evil as Scruff was sweet, with more teeth than a school of sharks. He was a whirl of motion for 24 […]

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