Jan 23 2006

Kind of a Drag

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1/16: I came home to a sizeable mound of sand at the head of my driveway. I’m guessing it was left there by the stucco guys. Lucky I don’t have to get my car out tonight, I thought, knowing that the pile will be gone by tomorrow.

1/17: I was wrong. Not even a pint is missing, nor a stucco guy visible. Lucky I have two cars, I thought. Unfortunately I can’t even park the moveable one next to my driveway because the sand and related detritus spill into the street beyond the curb.

1/18: The only change in Sand Mountain is that it’s more soggy and rain-pocked. I wonder if it was the stucco guys who left it there, or a mystery subcontractor.

In my neighborhood it’s exceptionally difficult to find a place to park. After a massive grocery shopping, M and I had to haul several loads of heavy bags from the far end of the block.

1/19: This is getting to me now. My poor car still sits stranded in the driveway and I can’t take it to the shop as planned for its oil change and headlight repair. I wonder why they didn’t dump the stuff five feet to the left, onto a tarp on the lawn instead.

1/20: Surely whoever dumped the sand won’t leave me blocked in my driveway all weekend. There’s been no rain for a few days so I can’t think why they wouldn’t show up.

I have no one to call: don’t know the stucco guy’s name to find out if it’s his sand, and Dan is out of town on a well-deserved vacation, under the impression that everything is going as arranged.

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