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Dec 31 2005

And in the End…

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I’m sad to leave this country. I’m sad to leave the people. I’m sad I lost my new, expensive camera on the plane home. I’m sad to lose the memory card in my camera that had a bunch of last-day photos of Don Toño, Gail and others. I made a tentative vow to myself to […]

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Dec 30 2005

Flying Time

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It’s almost time for us to go home, and it’s come too soon. On my last day of Spanish school our field trip was to the village of Jocotenango, where my teacher and Doña Rosa live and where there’s a museum of Maya musical instruments and clothing: Centro Cultural La Azotea. The young woman who […]

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Dec 29 2005

Call of the Mercado

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As we started off on today’s field trip, to La Merced, mi maestra told me she needed to make a quick stop on the way. Her definition of “on the way” must differ slightly from mine; we went ten blocks in the opposite direction. It’s conceivable that, because she knows I like to walk, she […]

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