Nov 22 2005

Old Hat

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I’ve grown so accustomed to the thumps and thwonks emanating from beneath the house that I barely notice them. Robert and Vidal remain busy, but progress is more subtle — or maybe I’m just taking constant change for granted.

On the way downstairs to visit the site this afternoon I found Lulu and EP in a photo session:

Lulu’s high-altitude daring made EP nervous:

Lots of new rebar is nestled all snug in its bed, ready for tomorrow when the rest of the foundation gets poured.

And a new walkway and steps from the outside into the basement will go here:

This is my mother. Her name is “Mom.” She is here visiting me from Delarovia. She kept me company when I took pictures today. Isn’t she funny-looking? We don’t look anything alike, do we?

Construction zones are synonymous with chaos …

But these guys are incredibly orderly, and they’re always cleaning up after themselves so that the yard is neater now than before they started:

I wonder if they’d help me clean the inside of my house as well.

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