Nov 17 2005

Cover of Darkness

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All was quiet on the construction front for the better part of a week, as we waited for the house lifters. Unfortunately I was gone when they arrived, and missed the excitement. Robert said they had to jack the house up a little to get the supports out, and then lower it back down, and apparently the house was a little whiney about the operation.

I’ve been on multiple deadlines and haven’t been able to sneak a few minutes to document progress since then. It’s midnight now, and while total darkness is not optimal for photography, I carpe’d the diem (noctim?).

Here’s the back of the house. I’d thought the door was gonna be a little wider, but that’s okay: it’ll give me incentive to keep my weight down.

While trying not to trip as I make my way into the room in the darkness I accidentally trip the shutter:

I meant to take this one. Here, I’m looking straight ahead after climbing through the “door.” The plywood bits on the ground are covering up the holes where the Lincoln Logs used to be until a few days ago:

In this next picture I’ve hung a left and am facing north. Considering I’m aiming blindly into utter blackness, these pictures came out okay. And considering I’m walking blindly into utter darkness, I’m fortunate I didn’t fall into that hole in the foreground.

I’m the reason contractors invented change-orders. The sheer-walling on the right is something I decided to add, as is that extra excavation you’re looking at; without it, I’d practically have had to stoop to pass through the door that will be there.

After another left turn I’m facing the backyard and the sweeping view from my French doors:

Finally I climb back out, snapping one last photo before tucking my camera into bed for the night:

Now it’s 1:11 a.m. I’m going to sleep. My dance championship is only 36 hours away. Wish me luck.

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