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Nov 23 2005

Cement Shoes

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Today the guys poured concrete into the four holes where the Lincoln Logs had been, thus completing the foundation. Following is a picture of each hole, each at a different level of completion. Here’s Hole Number One — let’s call it Northeast Pit, shall we? — shortly after the concrete got dumped in. I know […]

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Nov 22 2005

Old Hat

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I’ve grown so accustomed to the thumps and thwonks emanating from beneath the house that I barely notice them. Robert and Vidal remain busy, but progress is more subtle — or maybe I’m just taking constant change for granted. On the way downstairs to visit the site this afternoon I found Lulu and EP in […]

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Nov 17 2005

Cover of Darkness

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All was quiet on the construction front for the better part of a week, as we waited for the house lifters. Unfortunately I was gone when they arrived, and missed the excitement. Robert said they had to jack the house up a little to get the supports out, and then lower it back down, and […]

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