Nov 21 1999

On Language (1999)

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Excerpts of letters from the Katie archive.

January 24, 1999

Buono sera. Come sta? Gli spaghetti buono. Per favore, non capisco. Il bambino, Molly molu, dormire bene. [Good evening. How are you. The spaghetti good. Please, I don’t understand. The child, Molly, to sleep well.]

That’s it. I can stand it no more. Arrivederci.

Today I vacuumed the living room rug and found not a mouse, but just the tip of the snout, the part with the whiskers on it. [My husband] Ned has a terrible habit of mousing after I have fallen into slumber.

February 21, 1999

I can sound Irish if I just say ‘t’is’ alot. T’is a fine day we’re having. T’is a massive rear end that you have, lassie. T’is with love I must go now. —Kat’is

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